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Syncro30 Radio Control Outboard Motor

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Syncro30 - Radio Control Electric Outboard Motor
CAD image of a Syncro30
Maximum Loads and Limited
Important Boat Sizing Information
Syncro 30 manual
Spare Parts and Instructions
Links - Buying a Radio, Battery, and Charger
Photos of the Syncro30
This is what you need to have to operate your syncro30
$149.00 plus shipping
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image od spare parts, 2 prop nuts, 2 plugs, 1 low pitch propeller
Each Syncro30 is shipped with the following extra parts, two spare propeller nuts, two spare plugs, and a low pitch propeller.
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The Syncro30 makes Radio Control Outboarding easy. All your boat needs is a transom. No servo, no steering linkage. No gears to wear out and no flexible shaft to grease. It can be moved from one boat to another in seconds. As an board the motor tilt may be adjusted to make your boat ride properly. It also provides vectored steering which means your boat will turn great. All of this combined with serious aluminum construction makes the Syncro30 a unique radio control outboard motor.