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Lower Unit Cover
Click here to see the Syncro30 hardware list. Send an e-mail to our Contact us e-mail with a list of the hardware you require. We will send an invoice for your selection.
Image of the lower unit cover and screws and nuts
Image of driveshaft
Lower bushing set
Image of lower bushing set
Grommet and bushing
Image of bushing and grommet
Teflon Skirt
image of the teflon skirt
Enclosure with ESC
image of lectronics enclosure with ESC
motor assembly
image of the motor assembly with fan and coupler
image of coupler
Servo with pivot
image of servo with pivot
Standard propeller
image of standard propeller
low pitch propeller
image of low pitch propeller
image of plugs
ten dollars
Twenty dollars
five dollars
two dollars
two dollars
thirty dollars
thirty dollars
one dollar
twenty five dollars
three dollars
four dollars
fifty cents
fifty cents
Propeller nuts
image of propeller nuts
Below you will find service procedures for the Syncro30. While these are detailed some technician level skills are required. Please be sure of your ability before performing these. Of course we can do these for you. Contact us for service.
Coupler Replacement
Driveshaft replacement
ESC replacement
Lower Bushing Replacement
Motor replacement
Servo Replacement
Steering Alignment
Upper Bushing Replacement
image of motor only
Motor only
twenty five dollars
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Lubricate the lower unti bushings of the Syncro30 with Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant approximately every 15 hours of operation per the following. After boating, before storage, apply one drop where drive shaft enters the upper bushing of the lower unit. Rotate shaft by hand to work oil in. Wipe off excess.
The 2 oz drip bottle works great. Tri-Flow is a product of and Trademark of The Sherwin Williams Co.