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Links - buying a radio, battery, and charger
This page provides links to websites which sell equipment necessary to operate a syncro30. The content of those sites is their own. is not responsible for their content or performance.
A two or three channel radio is required to control the Syncro30. The Syncro30 works well with the Futaba 3PRKA. The links below lead to this radio at two different vendors. Other radios will work, but in our experience, performance issues may be encountered with very inexpensive radios. Always make sure your receiver is  as small or smaller than the Futaba receiver.
Click here for the Futaba 3RPKA at Futaba
Click here for the Futaba 3PRKA at Tower Hobbies
We recommend a 1000mah to 2200mah battery for the Syncro30. The following batteries are appropriate. Notice that you may order from three different wharehouses at Hobbyking, and their inventory varies. Thes links are for the US west warehouse.
Zippy 7.4v 2 cell 1600 mah
Turnigy 7.4v 2 cell 1300 mah 20C
Turnigy 7.4v 2 cell 2200 mah 20C
Rhino 11.1v 3 cell 1250 mah 20C
Zippy 11.1v 3 cell 1500 mah 20C
Turnigy 11.1v 3 cell 2200 mah 25C
A charger is necessary for the battery. Note that many chargers require a 12 volt power supply. Alterntively there are chargers which use household AC wall current. These are typically more appropriate for most users. Be sure the charger can connect to the XT-60 connector on the battery or charges through the balance connector
Hobbyking Accucell S60 Charger
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The following link leads to a page for a large battery suitable for the Foam Tugboat (see the boats page). With this battery the tugboat is capable of patroling for up to an hour. This is particularly useful for rescues during events with many participants on the water.
Thunder Power TP4000-2SAGX