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Welcome to Boats Page! Below you will find information about building boats. While we present some specific boats, the information given can be used to build boats of your own design. If you are interested in a different kind of boat or information about using the Syncro30 in a unique application contact us at
The Syncro 30 will power almost anything with a 2 Cell Lipo battery. With a 3 Cell Lipo battery it is suitable only for lighter boats.
Important! Once you have made a boat, before you go boating there are some things you should know - Click here to open our Motor Boating Guide
Kick Board Boat. this is the most basic boat. Extremely simple to make. Yet performs very well. Very light, not Recommended for windy conditions.
Image of two kick board boats
The boats below can be built using materials you may buy at local stores. For these boats we do offer a transom to make things easier. But you can certainly make that yourself.
Transom for foam boats. This is a 2" x 3" piece of plywood dipped in sealer.
We sell the boat below in a kit. The kit contains the wood and other parts precut. You must supply glue, finish, and some other supplies. See the assembly instructions.
Basic Foam Boat. This guide gives the basic details for building simple boats. It is easily customized to create boats of many types.
Simple Skiff. The guide details a realistic wooden runabout. It is very light and performs very well when powered by a Syncro30 at 2 or 3 cell lipo power.
$45.00 plus shipping
Clickhere to view the Foam Tugboat Construction Guide
Click here to view the SimpleSkiff Construction Guide
Animated image showing three basic foam boats
Image of foam tugboat
Image of an assembled Simple Skiff
Images of four other possible boats, a pontoon boat, a zodiac, a wooden runabout, and a offshore fishing boat.
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What will your boat look like?